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Here works Europe's best chef

I took this picture some hours ago driving home rather late. This is Sjön, a restaurant at the very edge of the lake Vättern’s shore, home to the great chef Tommy Myllymäki.

Today he earned his table in the final of worldwide famous cocking competition Bocuse d’Or. Last time he came in seconde, this year he train to come seconde to no one. Mr Myllymäki going for gold. If you have your ways around my hometown Jönköping, south of Sweden and about half way between Stockholm and Gothenburg, try to catch a table at Sjön.

Last time I was there Tommy Myllymäki himself walked around chatting. If you only reach Stockholm try Taverna Brillo for a chance to eat and great, he is creative advicer there.

/Miss T



“Nida, Lithuania (Curonian spit). Possibly my new favorite village in the Baltics”.

Evan, former studybuddy in Tartu, Estonia, and nowdays US diplomat in Riga, Latvia, about the village in the once famous dune landscape home and view for many artists.

* Nida (in german Nidden) a small village with almost 1700 inhabitants on the Curonian spit in the Baltic sea. Belonged to the East Prussia befor 1945. Close to Russia’s Kalininggrad . Here you can visit the Nobel-prize winner Thomas Mann’s summer house on a hill above the lagoon. During communist times this was a closed resort for the party elite, nomenklatura and still to day only few tourist found there way here and hotel’s are scares. 


In Stockholm, Sweden, you can always walk in on some cultural happening of some kind. The other night we ran into a vernissage for Caroline af Ugglas painting. An amazing woman who sing and paint with a unique vibe, as seen above.

/Miss T


I feel I get the best of two worlds. Living in Jönköping I am close to family and nature and while in Stockholm I am with my love and have endless possibilities to consume art and culture.

The downside? I miss out om things. Even as I spend half time there and half time here (or is it half time here and half time there?) I often end up having to choose one over another. Hey, maybe that is called life?!

So this weekend when I have to work friday, saturday and sunday night I hope you are out there doing some culturism for me.

Here is my list of things I recommend you to do this weekend:


1) See the play “Vår klass” (Our class) by Tadeusz Slobodzianek at Teater Galeasen on friday night. The plot: They start out as classmates but war and occupation brings death, destruction and decisions that make friends become enemies. It is a a play about the pogrom in polish Jedwabne and it “stay with you” as theatre critic Leif Zern at Dagens Nyheter wrote.

2) Go to a party on saturday at lovely Diana’s flat: “Moving out party” coming up.

3) Buy some art on sunday at Affordable Art Fair, Magasin 9, Stockholm. 75 international galleries offer contemporary art for every wallet, 500-45000 SEK. I would love to go but I also know there are few spots left in my home for more art – I can’t part from my own paintings or the wide range of diffrent artists I collected over the last years.

Extra! If I were you this weekend I would love to fit in Marianne Lindberg De Geer’s play Johnny Boy about the late musician and here former partner Björn Afzelius (born in my hometown Jönköping!) and his way with women and women’s way with women around a man.

/Miss T


If you eye one thing this week…

…visit Limmareds glasbruk and museum. The industrial part makes all the world’s Absolut bottles but the museum has a lot more to offer: hand made modern glas in a new exhibition (pictured above) and old heritage items in a permanent show.

/Miss T