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Driving north today. Happy celebrating the last holiday in winter wonderland outside Sweden’s famous skiing metropol Åre. Drive safe!

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Energy please

Posted: 3 November, 2014 in Europa, Sweden
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This time of the year is not my cup of tea. Now it is so rainy, raw and early evenings even last weeks october feels like agera ago. Give me some travel tickets and I have to say no because I have obligations the rest of the year. I try to keep dreams alive but would like some help. Please, give me your best travel spots!

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Next stop London

Posted: 31 July, 2014 in Europa, Sweden

imageI have some trouble with sleeping. Feeling excited. Going to London to attend a wedding. Worry about the dress since I do not know the bride’s preferences. I know the groom like fun.

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Today we will spend the day in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago with a thousand “kobbar och skär”. Already at 9 am it was hot with a nice breeze so all is set for a nice and sunny day at Grinda. The boat take us there in about an hour.

To another famous island, Sandhamn with posh sailing hotel, great parties (and after beach) and finish for elite sailing competition Gotland Runt, is one hour more on the same boat – we spent a great day there with friends last year drinking wine and tanning our winter pale bodies.

I can warmly recommend to visit the Stockholm archipelago in summertime. If you have time buy a hop on hop off card and visit at least a handful of islands during a week or two, the card is yours for nothing and you can either spend the nights in a tent, cabin or hotel room. You may want to pre book rooms at high season. This boat is full, by the way, so we have to sit inside this sunny hour when it would have been nice with some bracish sea wind.

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Here works Europe's best chef

I took this picture some hours ago driving home rather late. This is Sjön, a restaurant at the very edge of the lake Vättern’s shore, home to the great chef Tommy Myllymäki.

Today he earned his table in the final of worldwide famous cocking competition Bocuse d’Or. Last time he came in seconde, this year he train to come seconde to no one. Mr Myllymäki going for gold. If you have your ways around my hometown Jönköping, south of Sweden and about half way between Stockholm and Gothenburg, try to catch a table at Sjön.

Last time I was there Tommy Myllymäki himself walked around chatting. If you only reach Stockholm try Taverna Brillo for a chance to eat and great, he is creative advicer there.

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“Nida, Lithuania (Curonian spit). Possibly my new favorite village in the Baltics”.

Evan, former studybuddy in Tartu, Estonia, and nowdays US diplomat in Riga, Latvia, about the village in the once famous dune landscape home and view for many artists.

* Nida (in german Nidden) a small village with almost 1700 inhabitants on the Curonian spit in the Baltic sea. Belonged to the East Prussia befor 1945. Close to Russia’s Kalininggrad . Here you can visit the Nobel-prize winner Thomas Mann’s summer house on a hill above the lagoon. During communist times this was a closed resort for the party elite, nomenklatura and still to day only few tourist found there way here and hotel’s are scares. 

Food for thoughts: Erling's, Sthlm

This weekend was heaven. Now it’s hell. So, I guess we just reverse to the point of this blogpost originally born saturday; Erling’s café in Stockholm. Go here for a retro feel. Great cocktails (with unique names) and locally selected beer in combination with your great grandmother’s handmade cookies and a neat 50’s interior make you feel like mad men here.

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