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Here works Europe's best chef

I took this picture some hours ago driving home rather late. This is Sjön, a restaurant at the very edge of the lake Vättern’s shore, home to the great chef Tommy Myllymäki.

Today he earned his table in the final of worldwide famous cocking competition Bocuse d’Or. Last time he came in seconde, this year he train to come seconde to no one. Mr Myllymäki going for gold. If you have your ways around my hometown Jönköping, south of Sweden and about half way between Stockholm and Gothenburg, try to catch a table at Sjön.

Last time I was there Tommy Myllymäki himself walked around chatting. If you only reach Stockholm try Taverna Brillo for a chance to eat and great, he is creative advicer there.

/Miss T


Lammet & Grisen

Miss T loves…

… Lammet & Grisen (The lamb and the pig)

One of three main courses in the best buffé I have ever had.
First round you eat small slices of delicately cooked pig and the best side orders I have ever had. So well prepared vegetabilies.
Seconde course is based on lamb meat with almost as good side orders. But as it is a buffé and just a suggestion I took more from the first ones.
When I came to number third I was not that hungry any more, I would stress. So, I say ho here very empty and ready to commit one of the seven deathly sins. I tried. My boyfriend made it even for a forth mixed round, not many do.
I have childhood memories from Lammet & Grisen’s restaurant at the summer resort island Öland. For many years my best meal ever. Now this was better, another level on the concept but I guess the memories from that time also came from the magical surroundings at Alvaret nature reserv.
I recommend you to visit Lammet & Grisen, either in Sälen or at Öland. A winning concept for meat lovers.

/Miss T

Ps: bered dig på att begå en dödssynd när du går hit. Rent frosseri för köttälskare som faller helt i farstun när sidorätterna är en fantastisk mix av olika grönsaker. Miljön är rustik men inget går upp mot barndomsminnet av besöket på Lammet & Grisen mitt i naturområdet Alvaret på Öland. Magiskt. Förhöjde maten.

Tandådalen, Sweden 2013

My cool boyfriend had a nasty fall in the pist. First days blue sky and beautiful sun did not repeat itself so after the small accident and some freezing cold fingers in the razor steel wind we actually left early day two. But before that Sälen was a small haven for ski lovers on a cheapend.
We rented the house for 50 Euro thursday to sunday, deal with my employer. Ski kit and slope pass for another 120 Euro. We did have a sauna at the house so we took relaxing seasons there instead of going of to nearby aqua palace Experium, recommended by friends. Most of the food we prepared at home but friday night we splashed some cash at Lammet & Grisen. Yummy!

/Miss T

Vi hade en underbar första dag i backen med blå himmel, nyfallen snö och sol. Dag två var blåsig och grå, så när knivskarpa vindar blåst oss till is och pojkvännen hade råkat ut för en mindre olycka i backen gav vi upp.

Stughyra torsdag-söndag 500 kr (genom jobbet)
Skidpaket-hyra samt liftkort 2 dagar 1200 kr
Mesta maten lagade vi i stugan och vi hade bastu så vi skippade det annars obligatoriska besöket på badpalatset Experia.
På fredagen slog vi däremot på stort och åt en brakmiddag på Lammet & Grisen.

Good to eat: Grosmanns, Stockholm, Sweden. Had a rabbit here last night. Image


3 for 6 Euro. Delicious. Fresh. Lovely setting but always crowded. Wait in line. Eat.

/Miss T

My weekend bite

My weekend is all about eating good food and meeting great friends.

Thank god it’s friday and it gives me the opportunity to celibrate with lunch at my favorite fast food court K25 in Stockholm. I will have the soft taco with chili stew (pictured above).

Tonight I am off to a pool party. My friends have a combo, celibrating to birthdays and the play off in fotboll with south american styled tapas and a hot tube in the garden for those less interested in Sweden-Portugal datetime=”2013-12-10T00:12:10+00:00″>Brasil on the tellie.

Tomorrow I just want to have a cosy day. So I guess we either go for some sushi tempura with chili majo at Ljungrens, Stockholm, or cook dinner at home. Before that we have an invitation to the opening of my cousins new exhibition. He is a photographer and showing his art at Elverket Djursholm 16/11-7/12 2013.

Sunday I want to have a sleep in waking up to tea with freshly baked scones and lots of homemade jam. Food for the soul all weekend.

/Miss T


Restaurant Oaxen has left the archipelago but not lost the seaview. Now situated on the green royal island Djurgården more food lovers visiting Stockholm can stop by. I suggest you book a table in advance and if you bring the big wallet you are in for a treat. My steak sandwich was great but just enough for a lady brunch. On the other hand that open up for pudding – pancakes with blueberries or a piece of nostalgia in the shape of Swedish “radio cake”.

/Miss Travel