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Miss T: Summer break in Italy

I just have to share this photo from last summer’s vacation in Trieste, Italy. The beach clubs were expensive and the public boardwalk meant rolling out your towel on concret more or less. That has it’s charm for a day or so (but stay longer and you have to buy a sun bed!) but this tanned italian stalion found an abandoned club for free. 😉

/Miss T

Ps: if you want to go to the beach use public transportation because there is damn hard to find a parking spot for anything bigger than the smallest fiat!


Next trip: Barcelona

Posted: 11 February, 2014 in Europa, holiday memory

We have booked up for a long weekend i Barcelona, Spain. First time for me. Looking forward to spending easter holiday there.
We spent last years easter in Istanbul. Nice memories. Family and sunny spring days in a city that is a mix of east and west. A religious meeting point with impressive Hagia Sofia in the city’s heart.
This year a lesson in catholism, I guess. I south Spain easter means religious processions threw the city streets and closed shops. I donÂŽt think it is the same in the tourist epicenter Barcelona but maybe it is different and less busy than other days. If we get some warm weather and good food I will be pleased.
I want to visit the famous park and houses designed by artist Gaudi. La Rambla at night time is a must. The catholic church Sagrada Familia at daytime.
/Miss T

Lammet & Grisen

Miss T loves…

… Lammet & Grisen (The lamb and the pig)

One of three main courses in the best buffé I have ever had.
First round you eat small slices of delicately cooked pig and the best side orders I have ever had. So well prepared vegetabilies.
Seconde course is based on lamb meat with almost as good side orders. But as it is a buffé and just a suggestion I took more from the first ones.
When I came to number third I was not that hungry any more, I would stress. So, I say ho here very empty and ready to commit one of the seven deathly sins. I tried. My boyfriend made it even for a forth mixed round, not many do.
I have childhood memories from Lammet & Grisen’s restaurant at the summer resort island Öland. For many years my best meal ever. Now this was better, another level on the concept but I guess the memories from that time also came from the magical surroundings at Alvaret nature reserv.
I recommend you to visit Lammet & Grisen, either in SĂ€len or at Öland. A winning concept for meat lovers.

/Miss T

Ps: bered dig pĂ„ att begĂ„ en dödssynd nĂ€r du gĂ„r hit. Rent frosseri för köttĂ€lskare som faller helt i farstun nĂ€r sidorĂ€tterna Ă€r en fantastisk mix av olika grönsaker. Miljön Ă€r rustik men inget gĂ„r upp mot barndomsminnet av besöket pĂ„ Lammet & Grisen mitt i naturomrĂ„det Alvaret pĂ„ Öland. Magiskt. Förhöjde maten.

TandÄdalen, Sweden 2013

My cool boyfriend had a nasty fall in the pist. First days blue sky and beautiful sun did not repeat itself so after the small accident and some freezing cold fingers in the razor steel wind we actually left early day two. But before that SĂ€len was a small haven for ski lovers on a cheapend.
We rented the house for 50 Euro thursday to sunday, deal with my employer. Ski kit and slope pass for another 120 Euro. We did have a sauna at the house so we took relaxing seasons there instead of going of to nearby aqua palace Experium, recommended by friends. Most of the food we prepared at home but friday night we splashed some cash at Lammet & Grisen. Yummy!

/Miss T

Vi hade en underbar första dag i backen med blÄ himmel, nyfallen snö och sol. Dag tvÄ var blÄsig och grÄ, sÄ nÀr knivskarpa vindar blÄst oss till is och pojkvÀnnen hade rÄkat ut för en mindre olycka i backen gav vi upp.

Stughyra torsdag-söndag 500 kr (genom jobbet)
Skidpaket-hyra samt liftkort 2 dagar 1200 kr
Mesta maten lagade vi i stugan och vi hade bastu sÄ vi skippade det annars obligatoriska besöket pÄ badpalatset Experia.
PÄ fredagen slog vi dÀremot pÄ stort och Ät en brakmiddag pÄ Lammet & Grisen.

Beverly Hills Hotel is such a lovely place for a romantic and super chic retro holiday on classic moviestar land. The redesigned hotel aged 101 and as new again has recently unveiled new pool canabas and a hip poolside cafĂ© dubbed “a dinner destination for LA’s tastemakers. I would love to go back for a personal remake!

/Miss Travel





Miss T Loves…

… Nice. My friends has booked at Capri, Palma in Mallorca and Nice. I would love to visit Capri but have not been there yet and Palma is beautiful but Nice has a special place in my heart. Book me a weekend here and I be nice forever!


I just had to share this photo picturing rural Öland in Sweden. The small but long lime stone island with beautiful but barren country is one of my simple summer pleasures. This is also where the royal family gather to celebrate crown princess Victoria’s birthday with public every year but also where the royals can get some privacy at their lovely summer residence Soliden. I guess they will appreciate it even more this year when Victoria and prince Daniel has their own household in a hidden corner of the otherwise public parc and they all been so busy with the upcoming wedding between princess Madeleine and the american banker Chris O’Neill.

/Miss T