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Miss T ignores…

…these shoes and go for more comfy sneakers at next city weekend. Will you put them on your shopping list?




Miss T ignores…

…the burger on Egoist’s menu next time. To fatty and to red. This grown up sister to fab Saturnus (earlier blogposts) has an extensive range of puddings that I love but first time lunch guest experience did not reach up to the same high standard. Had a sweet lunch anyway thanks to my love date! You find this restaurant in the new fashion gallery Mood in central Stockholm – so many good boutiques here you can skip lunch for coffee and big buns…

Driving home in the rain

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Miss T ignores…

…the cold feeling of fall with thoughts still focused on the warm pools, saunas and hospitality at Asia spa. A great weekend is over but it washed away the autumn blues.

…is an Edge walk on the outside of CN Tower in Toronto. The only thing between you and a flat line on the ER screen is a harness connected to the building. Would you try this edgy tourist attraction?

/Miss Travel

Packing chaos!

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Miss T ignores…

… the headache and keep on packing for four weeks travelling, from family holiday and spa weekend to citybreak and riviera lux. Of course the bag is small too small to land my three pairs of new shoes (bought on sales) and flirty summer dresses and hot shifts I want to use if weather alouds. Midsummer I changed clothes three times so I could use two nice dresses on one of summer’s few sunny days. I will try the same now…

/Miss T

Ps: Before leaving I have to quick wash my car, get a portable freezer back, check my allotment (pick give away flowers and sallat) and pick up some more dresses at my mum’s.

That is the question! What is the answer…? Many will dine with the devil just to feed their curiosity in this case. The Swedes went to the closed country to produce hip jeans – and now the PR-machinery of the Kim Jong Un place a restaurant in the heart of Europe. The CNTraveller blogger have been there: “On my current reading list is Adam Johnson’s The Orphan Master’s Son, a new novel set in the People’s Republic of North Korea. With its grim descriptions of North Korean citizens eating moths and even the floral tributes from the government cemetery in their desperation to stay alive, the book paints an unappetizing picture of life in the totalitarian state whose succession drama recently gripped the world. I’m extra fascinated by such culinary passages, having dined (covertly) in Europe’s only North Korean restaurant last week. Situated in the outlying Amsterdam suburb of Oosdorp, the newly opened Pyongyang offers an altogether perkier—not to mention more plentiful—vision of the country’s cuisine.”
Would you take a seat as a guest at North Koreas table?

/ Miss T


Torba. In the shadow under the olive trees in the afternoon. 10 aug 2011

Torba. In the shadow under the olive trees in the afternoon. 10 aug 2011

Miss T loves…

…Torba. Feel it. Torba. A little sleepy village at the shoulder of the Bodrum arm of Turkey. Lovely I can say after one week of pleasure. If you want fancy you can go here. If you want party don´t. But here it is close to everything. The beach. The pool. The food. And not far away with the dolmus-mini buss to Bodrum citys lively and rather posh marina or some of the other turkish jet set resorts along the pennisula shore.

… and has a great love for this beautiful and beachside hotel Sina. Has everything but enough english speaking staff. Pictures coming up soon!

/Miss T