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“Nida, Lithuania (Curonian spit). Possibly my new favorite village in the Baltics”.

Evan, former studybuddy in Tartu, Estonia, and nowdays US diplomat in Riga, Latvia, about the village in the once famous dune landscape home and view for many artists.

* Nida (in german Nidden) a small village with almost 1700 inhabitants on the Curonian spit in the Baltic sea. Belonged to the East Prussia befor 1945. Close to Russia’s Kalininggrad . Here you can visit the Nobel-prize winner Thomas Mann’s summer house on a hill above the lagoon. During communist times this was a closed resort for the party elite, nomenklatura and still to day only few tourist found there way here and hotel’s are scares. 



Stop by the new National Aquarium in Copenhagen this summer. The buildi g in itself is said to be worth a visit and positioned beside the other iconic buildings like the opera houses in Sidney and Oslo. If you step inside the water world will amaze you too.

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“At first I didn’t quiet liked the idea of becomming an object at a museum before I am dead, but I changed my mind, says Björn Ulvaeus to the magazine Kupé about ABBA The museum opening in Stockholm, Sweden, the 7th of May.
Björn Ulvaeus is the prime investor in the new permanent museum that most certainly will bring hords of fans to the capital of Sweden.
Then in 1974 a supergroup. Now? While Björn invest in the museum, Benny try his luck in the movie business, Agnetha has just released new songs and is at the moment a little more available than even more media shy Frida.

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Miss T Loves…

…the beautiful ceramic wallart in the harem of Topkapi palace in Istanbul, Turkey. There is such a variaty of ancient ottoman patern, love red tulips and clear blue. In the harem once 1000 women was held as concubines and wives to the sultan. The last women left this golden cage as late as 1909.

There is a place you always come back to. A museum I always recommend to visitors. Fotografiska in Stockholm has now established itself as one of the best and most approachable museums in the Swedish capital, always good names up the sleeve.
Those who has the weekend of can take the last chance to see the iconic pictures of our time seen threw the camera linse of La chapelle, look at the giant hamburger costume and gaze into the smokey eyes of Hollywood glitterati.
Next weekend opens the exhibition The man, the image & the world that memorate the life achievements of the french photojournalist Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908-2004). The over 250 pictures show ordinary people at extraordinary times, he reported – among many other historical moments – from Paris when the city was liberated during world war II and when the communists took power in China. The title of his first photo book, “The decisive moment”, says everything about his ambition – and what surely should be the ambition of any good reporter.

The man, the image and the world, Henri Cartier-Bresson, is on show at Fotografiska, Stockholm 8 March-26 maj 2013.

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Ps: If you are looking for a great place to hang tonight in Stockholm Fotografiska arrange after work events with guided tours 17, 18, 19 and after art music sets in the Bistro with Tomas Brink and his countryfueled rock with soul feeling.