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My friends around the world

“Conferens in sunny California”.

Googler Jonas do hard work (yes) and some wine in sunny Napa.



“Nida, Lithuania (Curonian spit). Possibly my new favorite village in the Baltics”.

Evan, former studybuddy in Tartu, Estonia, and nowdays US diplomat in Riga, Latvia, about the village in the once famous dune landscape home and view for many artists.

* Nida (in german Nidden) a small village with almost 1700 inhabitants on the Curonian spit in the Baltic sea. Belonged to the East Prussia befor 1945. Close to Russia’s Kalininggrad . Here you can visit the Nobel-prize winner Thomas Mann’s summer house on a hill above the lagoon. During communist times this was a closed resort for the party elite, nomenklatura and still to day only few tourist found there way here and hotel’s are scares. 


“Weekend and sea view”.

Neighbour celebrating the unusual warm september at the rocky swedish coast.


“Bear’s footprint in the woods of Svartnäs on a hunting trail”

My brother compare his hand with north Sweden’s giant.


Solvalla, Stockholm, evening race with winner sky.


Finally book a flight… Five weeks in Borneo this summer. Meditation, mountainering, animals and insects.

Childhood friend turned health freak with super body and mind.


Bruce Springsteen plays in Stockholm friday and saturday night. So many friends tonight at Friends arena.