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“Conferens in sunny California”.

Googler Jonas do hard work (yes) and some wine in sunny Napa.


Happy New York!

Posted: 29 December, 2013 in Europa, North America, Sweden
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Stuck in Sweden all holiday. We don’t plan a head much and everybody else did.

So there will be no skiing (boyfriend broke a ribb last trip) and no sun. We are going to check in to a spa hotel tomorrow instead – just for 24h. Lovely!

New years is spent on a coach in Malmö and on a pretty spontaneous party. Happy new year!

Instead we talk about the next big trip. My boyfriend bought us tickets to NYC in my x-mas sock!

/Miss T

Beverly Hills Hotel is such a lovely place for a romantic and super chic retro holiday on classic moviestar land. The redesigned hotel aged 101 and as new again has recently unveiled new pool canabas and a hip poolside café dubbed “a dinner destination for LA’s tastemakers. I would love to go back for a personal remake!

/Miss Travel


My friend asked on Facebook to get some help choosing where to go on his first holiday in years. He got a heap of help. I said Nice but then added Cadiz. Mexico someone suggested and Italy was popular too. “Go to Sardinia as Berlusconi did” and visit Cuba and “do the same tour as Jay-Z and Beyonce”. He told he had been in Brugge and Angkor wat and did not seem too fancy about rural Grums but later stressed he wanted to be “anywhere but here” (that spells Brussel). Who knows where he end up in a world full of promises and every advice could be as ironic as this:

“You seemed to like Berlin. But then you would have to hear all the German sausage jokes again. Those are the wurst.”



I run now and when, not only to catch the bus but to stay fit. It has crossed my mind that I should do a marathon but as time goes by never has come to it. I am a dreamer. That’s why I read the article about the Baikal Ice Marathon in a rush and feel a bit dissy when I reach the finishing line on the otherside of the worlds deepest lake – frosen of course since the 96 runners has no urge to try the Jesus trick on this trip.
If you rather run in a more urban enviroment maybe New York or Berlin is the place for you to spread your legs, the latter is said to be good for rookies since the track is easier, the climate mild and the travel (depending on where you are from) shorter. The Bailkal ice marathon on the other hand demand a health certificate and you have to have run long distance before if to be registered.
Up and coming is theme marathons. In my hometown Jönköping they run the Tomteloppet (Santa’s race) dressed up in costumes and Sommartåget with swimsuit on. There is also a shorter one where you will be followed by living dead and bloody zombies and have to “run for your life”.
On the global scene this trend manifest itself as Rock and Run that combine the sprint with music on different spots in the US. Or maybe you like me, find the Medoc Marathon in France more like your cup of tea, or should I say, your bottle of wine. This marathon is, according to Swedish finance newspaper Dagens industri, run between vineyards and you get to taste wine and cheese a long the road!
I remember when I read about all these high profile marathons and feel this odd admiration of modern men in lycra running around the world that Greece once was a proud country that left us storeys of victories and heros: “the legend of the Greek messenger Pheidippides running to Athens with news of the victory became the inspiration for this athletic event, introduced at the 1896 Athens Olympics, and originally run between Marathon and Athens (Wikipedia)”.

/Miss T


“Babycakes. This is a vegan bakery in New York that is so yummy. The doughnuts are incredible, with a cakey texture.”

Moviestar Scarlett Johansson gives away a serious tip about the secrite behind her famous curves in Marie Claire april issue 2013.

The election race does not only take the winner to The White House. It takes him (and in the future hopefully her) and the opponent to thousands of hotels. I can´t help but sharing tripadvisors funny stats and notes on the presidential check ins.

The big Q: Does the visited hotels along the campaign trail feel presidential? 

Judged by the Tripadvisor users President Obama wins when it comes to both bubble rating and popularity rank. He choosed the far best hotel in the Big Apple when he in july hosted a fundraiser dinner at a “hip Manhattan hotel”The NoMad Hotel. A Trip advisor traveler tells “the room are all different” here (and coast more than 391 dollar a night). Mitt Romney’s Hilton choice was ranked number 223 out of 433 hotels in New York. Obamas was ranked number 33. He was also said to make this for long identityless neigbourhood more hip by this apperence.

Ohio is an important swing state. A must win.When Romney rested his head in Ohio he could do it with (almost presidential) pride. It was only ranked number 5 in popularity but it got more points from travelers. But would you like to stay here – “some rooms don´t have windows” says one person. Maybe good enough for midway campaigne rally dreaming about The White House. And walking distance to the “Great American Ball park and other Cincinati attractions”. Obama did the Hilton in Toledo when i visited Ohio for Labor day – actually rented three floors. That I call presidential manners.

Sometimes it is confussing waking up in a new bed every morning. The president called The Ballantyne hotel and lodge in Charlotte, North Carolina, home. Hope he did not do a Clinton mixing wife and home and work. Maybe it just felt so cosy when it was the Democratic National Convention and he was among friends? It is also one of the best in Charlotte. Off course. In his own conventional tie way President Obama beat Mitt Romney’s denim way. again.

Vice President candidate Paul Ryan was said to be a winning card for boring Romney. Young and ambitious. He sure beats democrat Joe Biden when it comes to the choice of the right place at the right time. Paul Ryan’s choice was the number one in North Caroline. He may, according to a Tripadvisor traveler, have slept on “weird” bed but who cares when you know wake up calls means you are finally to be announced selected for vp candidate. Joe Biden gets the shorter end here when he booked the Westin Book Cadillac Detroit and got his secret service truck stolen on the parking lot outside during the campaigne race. Is the bad luck gone?

I just love these kind of nonsens stats and facts. And they say this is to be the election without facts?

/Miss Travel

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