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This turn out to be a very mixed weekend. First luxury restaurant followed up by a visit to Dreamhack open2013 in Stockholm. From dining next to super producer Andreas Carlsson (Brittney, Celin Dion etc) and tennis star Robin Söderling to look at Dreamhack champion Hero fighting in Starcraft on the widescreen here.

/Miss T



A sunny day in Stockholm it is crowded on the steps outside Dramaten, the dramatical theater dressed in shining gold. See and be seen sitting here and looking at people passing in the posh cross of Norrmalmstorg/Strandvägen/Birger Jarlsgatan with Burberry, Max Mara and Gucci close by and the most expensive adress being Strandvägen. Best: This act is totally free.

/Miss T


I don’t know what the sign says but the doctor’s pets is bloody scary. Would you like a leech to take home? They seem to be a big hit on the Istanbul spice bazaar’s cornershops where green plants and flowers was put in the shadow by the many attentain demanding pots of leech. I know they say the can be put on a cut off and sawed back hand to ease the blood supply. And I have heared they put them in the face to attack puffy bags under the eye. But Doctor Sulukthe’s list much longer than that!


So, if you don’t have time for a week at a beachside hotel or a luxury stay at a weekend spa it is time to have holiday feel at home. Today I woke up too early with too much on my mind and to do-list but the early start gave me time for morning glory: baking scones. That is the easiest way to get a little extra for no money and (almost) no effort at all. Or invite your friends for a chic and cheap afternoon tea!

8 small scones
First mix:
8 dl flour
1 tsk salt
3 tsk baking powder
Then add:
100 gram butter (mix with your fingers)
Last add:
3 dl milk
Mix everything to a dough and make eight buns. Put them on a buttered up owen tray and flatten them slightly.
Bake in the owen for about 10 minutes, 250 C degress.

/Miss T

Postcard from: Santorini

Posted: 18 March, 2013 in Europa, Postcard from
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How sweet is this, I would love to go to Santorini in Greace. The island with all the white houses where honeymooners and new found couples shy away.
My best holiday memory from Greace is a short visit at the small island Symi, the town, at that time just some tavernas in a port, under the spell of rocky cliffs and knowned to the world only for the divers sponge picking. We where there just in the beginning and said we would go back some day to see the ferries with tourists leave the port empty and silent and stay the night at some family hotel.
Hasn’t happened yet but where would we be without our dreams? We collect dream destinations and one day wake up and know today is the day to book a trip to Symi or Santorini.

Miss T




It took me over 15 years but now I am in love again. Started out with 7 km yesterday. Fell head over heel in love, did the track with a big smile on my face and had so much fun balancing on the small bumps. Thought I would wake up with aching arms and legs but felt fine all over. Today I took on a bigger challenge that turned out to be no challenge. I did the longer track – twice and still wasn’t tired. Maybe a bit sore in my arms tomorrow as I tried to stretch out the movement of arms and legs better. Really sweaty! So, I guess I have to agree with half the active population here in Sweden on liking cross country skiing. I was skiing all the time as a child and the feeling was still there deep down in my soul for all these years. Cross country is trending at the moment and it seems like everybody is training for Vasaloppet but I just want the piece and quiet that comes with skiing alone on Bohestra mosse in rural region Västergötland.



/Miss T


“Jazzy skiing. The skis are supernice. Feel so good I almost want to cry!”

Best dad on gentlemen only skitrip in Swedish Hemsedalen where the snow is deep and the sun strong on the 7th of december 2012.

/Miss T