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Ethnic baggy style

Posted: 24 July, 2013 in Best buy, Europa, Sweden
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This ethnic style bag take you from city shopping to beachside fun this summer. Packed with memories of happy times and a scary walk with about ten sunscreen tubes between bomb control gates at an Egyptian airport, discovering the forbidden tresure after passing a few and could not empty it in any trash can in front of all the saftey guards!

/Miss Travel





Miss T Loves…

…pinky neon colors. I think it is very on trend and it still feels fresh even though we saw it last summer too. It has an air of the rave 90’s. So, this holiday I’ll go hunting for a neon britton bag, big bold necklace and a hot pink bikini since the old one is faded by the sun after last years Saint Tropez visit.

Found this strange but said to be great natural cleansing product for the face – konjac sponge. It seem to me it is perfect for a travel addict like me. It is easy to use, both clean and exfoliate, and can fit in you cabin bag if you travel with low fare companies like Next jet or Ryanair. No liqued. Just need water to get it soft all over again. I have to test it, how about you?

Funny trip

Posted: 2 October, 2012 in Best buy, In the news
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I have to buy a new cabin bag on wheels. The old trolley is worn out by commuting between here and heart. So, today I saw a small one in the departement store, but it was not the one. The I saw this one (above!), you just got to love it. It Will make any travel a dream, but I think it is just a funny facebook joke, isn’t it?!

/Miss Travel

Ps: I have to remember to partly pay for the ski trip tomorrow – and thinking more on the holiday plans including Dubai. And before that hopefully a little romantic and cosy well deserved weekend in Gothenburg for the love birds!

Flight bag no 1

Posted: 26 June, 2012 in Best buy
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Miss T: Best buy at Zara’s big summer sale in Stockholm. Great as carry on at a weekend flight. Price 699 SEK (ca 70 Euro)

My weekend bag

Posted: 8 June, 2012 in Sweden
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Heading for Stockholm: sequine black party shoes, luxurious onepiece that make my eyes popping sea green, a touch of gold to dress up a pair of black jeans, some big cufs and a floaty dress for visiting Bro Hof castel.

/Miss T

Should pack my bags, but

Posted: 22 February, 2012 in Uncategorized
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So this is a really sick blog post. Instead of packing my bags for the ski trip I am in bed snoring and caughing. Have catched a cold! Please, send me your best advice to get well fast. I am supposed to leave for France in just three days! I have tried the garlic in my ears but did not do the get drunk-advice. Do you have a fast fix?

/Miss T