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A special place in my heart

Laxvik has (and always will have) a special place in my heart. This small beach at the West coast in Sweden is never crowded even at high season when nearby Östra Stranden och Tylösand in Halmstad has not even an inch left between the summer guests. Friday afternoon we had the beach all to ourselves most day, a little windy but behind a sand dune it was varm enough for bikini. Choose to put your picnic kit down either in the sand or the cliffs or gras fields close by.

/Miss T


Ethnic baggy style

Posted: 24 July, 2013 in Best buy, Europa, Sweden
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This ethnic style bag take you from city shopping to beachside fun this summer. Packed with memories of happy times and a scary walk with about ten sunscreen tubes between bomb control gates at an Egyptian airport, discovering the forbidden tresure after passing a few and could not empty it in any trash can in front of all the saftey guards!

/Miss Travel


Miss T Loves…

… to go beach style with a pleated grass braclet on golden arms.


Miss T Loves…

…a salty beach on the West coast. This is popular Tylö in Halmstad (above). One summer I tested ten beaches in south Sweden for a newspaper and this got the highest scores. Partly because it is holds so much happy summer memories of camping with friends and having a camp fire on the beach all night long – but I will not tell you about the skinny dipping under the bright August moon. This is here popstar Per Gessle (Roxette/Gyllene Tider) constantly find inspiration to his iconic summer soundtrack.

Other fab sandy beaches is Laxvik and Östra Stranden on the other side of Halmstad. Further south you can kite surf in Apelviken, Varberg, and feel rich and beautiful in the pearl white sand at Falsterbo näset! If you want multiculture and samba and a sporty boardwalk for rollerskating or snakeboard head for Ribban in Malmö.

My boyfriend, born and raised in Halmstad, stay true to his childhood memories:

“I have to say my favorite is Östra Stranden. It’s close, not deep, there is a kiosk, not too many people… I think the mini golf there is great!”

When Swedish business magazine DI Weekend list the best beaches:

• Norsta Aurar, Fårö – wild and rare.
• Bläsinge, Öland – postcard beautiful but often windy.
• Åsa, Göteborg – calm beach with private feel.
• Bjurö klubb, Västerbotten – North Sweden’s wild gem.
• Skreastrand, Falkenberg – classic bath cabins.
• Rörums strand, Österlen – packed with people but beautiful Mediteranien sea feel.

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“Friday morning at Diani beach, Mombasa, Kenya”

Lady D having a gap holiday in between jobs.

Blue day beauty

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Relax in the sun

Posted: 29 August, 2012 in Postcard from, Sweden
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I read that in greek lonelyness is a negative word, not chosen. In Sweden me love solitude. I am almost all alone by this lake. Relaxing in the sun. Life can be better but this is sure more than nice. Like!

/Miss Travel

Ps: Next stop picnic with family!