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Energy please

Posted: 3 November, 2014 in Europa, Sweden
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This time of the year is not my cup of tea. Now it is so rainy, raw and early evenings even last weeks october feels like agera ago. Give me some travel tickets and I have to say no because I have obligations the rest of the year. I try to keep dreams alive but would like some help. Please, give me your best travel spots!

Miss Travel



On the road again. Heading for Stockholm. Tomorrow meeting up with my brother’s sons for dinner. This saturday Roxette place at the opening of Friends arena. Want to go there but my boyfriend want to meet Bond, James Bond!

/Miss Travel

Ps: This picture was taken before fall’s first snow storme hit Sweden. 1 houre before.

Driving home in the rain

Posted: 16 October, 2012 in Miss T ignores...
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Miss T ignores…

…the cold feeling of fall with thoughts still focused on the warm pools, saunas and hospitality at Asia spa. A great weekend is over but it washed away the autumn blues.