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Hot spot at home

Posted: 16 October, 2014 in Miss T loves..., Sweden
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Miss T Loves…

… To curl up in front of the fireplace when autumn chill lurk around the house. Home hot home.



Miss T Loves…

…the sweet smell of fresh baked italian-greek-like bread. I may be at home for a while but that does not mean I need to eat boring. I love eating homebaked bread and today I stuffed it with black olives and feta cheese.

Packing up…

Posted: 23 July, 2012 in Sweden
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Packing up is never easy to do… I am so lazy. Should not you have more energy when you come home. I just cocooning in my sofa. I hate coming home and realising I have a ton of laundary to grab.

/Miss Travel


Miss T Loves…

…being home at heart again. I took a bit of sun with me I can see looking out at the terass. This has been a rainy summer in Sweden – even in the usually more sunny capital. So, maybe hanging out at green city island Djurgården today to hold on to my perfect golden tan.

/Miss Travel

Ps: Best thing with flying Norwegien Nice-Stockholm was free wifi on the plane.

Stockholm by night

Posted: 19 July, 2012 in Sweden
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– Stockholm city central station, the bussdriver just annonced.
Home soon! And it is not cold! Great!

/Miss Travel


Back home, love it. Time to chill? No, first I stoped by my allotment to dig and plant in the rain, and then I stoped by the grocery store to shop the essentials for fast dinner, prepare lunch boxes and bake a cake. Back home it is no time to unpack, seems like there never is in my commuting life, because guests are coming. When the cake and pudding has filled everyone with sweet you I do not have the energy to do the dish. I sit down in my favourite grandpa shair to relax : Home sweet home!

/Miss T

Ps: go here if you like to be really inspired by beautiful travel photographies