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Miss T Loves…

… to travel. Staying home half a year after our long Bali hang out has energized my travel heart again. Has found some heavenly destinations to put on my bucketlist, this time more luxury than leisure. Next stop 2015:

1) Cornwall, UK, Europe. The south coast is for surfing, drinking hard cider and hunting antiques.

2) Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa. Dream destination called “the next Mauritius” and famous for spices.

3) Tulum, Mexico, South America. Heared a great deal about this white washed beach spot.

4) Surfspot La Pedrera and José Ignacio – “the chicest spot in Latin Amerika” accourding to New York Times, Uruguay, South America.

5) Albanien, Europe. Un spoilt and still rather un travelled by most this poor country offers antique ruins, beautiful beaches and The blue lagoon.

6) Kapstaden, South Africa, Africa. Vineyards and beautiful scenery.

7) New York City, US. Got a ticket to the big apple from my boyfriend. Can se myself walking the high line in the morning and cheering the skyline from a roof top bar at midnight.

8) The amalfi coast, Italy, Europe. Maybe some days rest here before a wedding weekend in Tuscany.

9) Nice, France, Europe. Nice is always Nice. I love this beach strip. Next time I want to visit Grass’ perfumed fields top.

10) Visby, Gotland, Sweden, Europe. This rough and rugged sunshine island is something else. My boyfriend has not been there yet.

Extra: Berlin, Germany, Europe. You have to go there. At least I have. Europe’s historical heart.

Crazy days shopping in LA.

Crazy days shopping in LA.

I am not a shopaholic nor the zero spender. But don´t we all like a shopping experience made in heaven. Here is the list to splash the cash in the right hot spot.

I have visited a couple of iconic shopping streets myself: Posh Paris´Champs-Elysees och Rodeo drive in LA. But also walked the streets of Milan without having the guts to enter some of the posh boutiques. Have not we all met them, the ignorant staff that see no more then the tourist shoes we are in?

When all it all comes down tofor us to get a good shopping experience , and maybe even creating a future customer, is good manners. I would say Las Vegas opens the door to anyone with a smile because they know that outside of a person does not always tell who just won a fortune that burn in the pocket. Genuin or not it sure feels a lot better to get a varm wellcome than a look of being a nobody.

That day in Vegas my boy tried on some fancy watches and I took a peek at adorable bracelet. The salesman told me to ask it for my engagement present. I did not but at least it was fun to talk about becoming the owner of such a fine gift, worth 15 000 Euro. My boyfriend did not buy a watch there and then either but he started dreaming.  Some years passed and one day he bought that Rolex as a gift to himself. The salesman at the first place should have got a bonus for not putting him down for being a student dreaming of an unreachable gool and the salesman on the second place surely did get a bonus because he popped the champagne!

Now the Presence mystery shopping has made a map to navigate you to shopping heaven. They visited more than 30 main avenues and almost 400 retailers.

So if you are in for a treet, shopaholic or not, turn those nice and comfy tourist shoes to Orchard Road in Singapore. To far? Try Venue de la Liberté in Luxembourg or PC Hooftstraat in Amsterdam, second and third hot spot according to the Presence mystery shopping.

– We surveyed the quality of retail service on iconic shopping streets that tourists are told they just need to visit, says Leslie Kambourian, Presence Business Development Manager to CNN.

The mystery shoppers ranked their experiences based on four categories: Appearance (cleanliness, lightning), welcome (staff greating and availability), atmosphere (open space, clean) and contact with passers-by (helpfulness to people passing through the store).

This is what happens to shoppers who attempt all 22 malls on Orchard Road in Singapore.

1. Orchard Road, Singapore 22 shopping malls and six department stores.

2. Avenue de la Liberté, Luxembourg: Visit the Jeff de Bruges, chocolate expert on 17 Rue de la Liberté, with all the chocolates you need, spicy, soft, creamy, fruit and rich.

3. PC Hoofstraat, Amsterdam

4. Bagdat Avenue, Istanbul: “Shoppers thought Bagdat Avenue was a winner in appearance because of its “floral areas, collective taxis and water sellers.”

5. Oscar Freire, Sao Paolo: Be happily surprised if you walk into a luxury store and find a “ in-store butler” who hands you a glass of champagne or nice cup of coffee.

6. George Street, Sydney: Many quirky little shops at the end.

7. Mariahilferstrasse, Vienna: come third in the cathegory of appearance with historical sights to visit for  a break along the 1,8 kilometers shopping avenue.

8. Avenue Louise, Brussels: I love this city! So beautiful, I had to add that instead of the mystery shoppers quotes.

9. Ginza Line, Tokyo: On a sunday stripped of cars between noon and 5 pm it is a hotspot for people watching from a pavement café.

10. Bond Street, London

Souce: CNN/Presence Mystery Shopping

At last: Maybe a disappointment for the Madame Zarkosy that the essence of urban France, Champs-Elysees in Paris, only come in on spot 16. On the other hand Karl Johan i Oslo to be ranked 19 has to be a bless for the norwegian people.

/Miss T

Miss T loves…

…to give you a truly genuin and fun shopping experince for them with a heart for the odd and on budget. Visit the swedish mecka Ullared with famous and countrys oldest outlet Gekås and a lot of other retailer outlets for books and clothes. This quirky, loved and hated, place has even got a reality soap running for several seasons.