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Today I clashed out on my boyfriend. We both love to travel but has quiet different approach to booking.
I just set my standard, look for the great location and okey location and then put two and two togather until I get a good hotel for good money. The process is always rather fast.
My boyfriend on the other hand always want the best and can go on and on for ever to chase a better offer and takes ages to decide. Tonight I just did not have the energy.
My energy levels are pretty low at the moment. I want to have vacation now! But I really can’t be bothered with the booking procedure at the moment.
Most time I love the fact you can book any hotel anywhere and it is just a click away, but sometimes I miss that professional expertise you get at a passionate travel agency. Blogs and friendly advice on the net is not always enough. Also, pictures sometimes lie a lot.
I ended up shouting “I rather stay home than going threw a procedure like this”. He wanted to book a nice modern boutique hotel and I wanted spa with a view. Close to La Rambla.
Did I forget to tell you, we are going to Barcelona? I have not been there, nor my boyfriend. You know the feeling when you don’t have a clue.
At last we decided he is going to book a hotel. I don’t care as long as it has everything I want! 😉

If you are looking for a bargain try that list secret booking to luxury hotels. I have not tried, yet, but a friend to us did and got lots of stars for less.




I went to Venice and lived in a palazzo.

This morning I had my breakfast in the piano salotto, the room where the nobility entertained guests in ancient times.
Locanda Barbarigo
San Marco 2503/A
30124 Venezia, Italy
The guesthouse is situated beside the beautiful Grand Canal and close to The San Marco church, famous for 4000 km2 of gold mosaic showing stories from The Bible, among others  Jesus and The twelve Apostles.
My guidebook says it only takes 35 minutes to walk from one side of Venice to the other – if you find your way threw the small alleys and difficult adress system. We don’t.
We visit San Marco for the morning Mass. You really experience the soul of a church that way. Every year 14,5 million tourists choose the world’s most famous city built on water and a majority visit the San Marco church or piaza I believe.
Next to  San Polo you get a pizza for under ten, 6,50 Euro plus extra but walk one bridge closer to San Marco and the charge the double. You get free wifi too.
If you fly in for the festival in february you may rent a costume at Atelier Flavia. The owner Ester and her costume makers start with the new collection in july and arrange a sale for last seasons rentals.
– We have two hairdressers that come here to help during the festival, they are good with wigs, Ester explains as she show us the picture of her in full carneval costume behind a genuin venetianne masque.
Dress up:
Atelier Flavia
Castello 6010, Venezia 30122, Italy
In a corner nearby you can step in for a “vino” and some italian fast food -maybe bruchetta with salmon, cod or sardines or some fried zuchini. Do it the italian way, order in the bar and stand up eating, and pay a lot less for your lunch. I can’t help thinking this is why the chic italian women keep their figure despite of the famous and frequently served “dolci”.
To breakfast I had a hard time swinging between guilt and pleasure. The table was set for a sweet tooth, buns with apricot jam hidding inside, marmalade pieces, sponge cake, nutella and small cookies!
Luckily you can walk off some of the pasta and pizza as Venedig is a car free zone and the “gondolas” digg a deep hole in your pocket if you do it more than once (about 90 Euro for 45 minutes with or without Soli Mio). The vaporetto is a simple but easy bus on the main canal and the slow no 1 your best way to see Venice – the grande facades face the water.
I fine example of the gems hidding behind grande doors is The Boscolo hotels’ place in …., From the street I spot a water fontaine in a garden and dare to enter, we find not only an impressive lobby and a white washed restaurant but a parc with shadowed walk and statues, a lawn with sun loung chairs and finally a pier facing the lagoon and the cool breeze.
In the evening I have to cure my sun burned legs so we hang around a couple of hours at our hotel room, tiny but dressed in sunny silk on the walls and bed covers. We drop the idea of going to the opera; Barocco e Opera or Antonio Vivaldi A Tribute. The composor Vivaldi was actually born in Venice on March 4th 1678.
We go out late to find a wine bar but it is not that easy. Venezia is not the city to party. Finally we find one in the corner of 4700 in Castello close to the Risekel palazzo. The two guys behind the bar gives good service and a smile – not common here. The fill our glass with red wine from Vallipolicella.
/Miss T

Beverly Hills Hotel is such a lovely place for a romantic and super chic retro holiday on classic moviestar land. The redesigned hotel aged 101 and as new again has recently unveiled new pool canabas and a hip poolside café dubbed “a dinner destination for LA’s tastemakers. I would love to go back for a personal remake!

/Miss Travel


Last day in Riga was soft and sunny but a quiet cold. We visited beautiful Majori in Jurmala at the coast only 30 minutes by taxi (16 Lats = 20 Euros), walked around looking at the impressive wooden villas laced with decorative details and beautiful windows. The cold Östersjön fog came in when we rested in the fine white sand on the famous 30 km beach. On the way back to the train (only cost 2 Lats! Majori – Riga) we passed the restaurant Uzbekistan, on the main shopping street, said to be good. Next time, we thought. Back in central Riga we were hungry. Headed to Ribs&Rocks for the special ribs marinated in Rigas traditional spirit Balzam black and served with toasted black garlic ray bread and sallad, sweet! After some rock classics from the best female cover singer I have heared, we walked back to our hotel Raddison Blu Dauguva while the sun set over capitalist exclamationmark number one, the Swedbank tower.

/Miss T

Riga, Latvia

More than ten years has gone by since I visited Riga, the art noveau capital of Baltic Latvia. Now we have booked a trip there next weekend. I feel excited. I don’t now what my boyfriend feel.
At first the plan was to go to Berlin, at least my plan was. His plan was a trip to Moscow. But as time passed by without any attempt of booking the choices narrowed.
We travel a lot so we tend to be on a budget most of the time when it comes to shopping holiday destinations and this time the holiday is only one week away. Today we sat down looking at potential flights. We ended up buying a cruise ticket (!), boarding on a thursday afternoon, spending the evening and night on one of Tallinks ships to Riga. We fly back on sunday. Yes, we cheat to get it cheap 🙂
I think this is a brilliant idea. We have one cosy (or party) night on the boat. Chilling. Shopping. Maybe even dancing or at least see a tacky show I hope. Have a sleep in and than go straight to the hotel to check in and go to the pool.

We have booked two night at the Radisson Blu Daugava Hotel (24 Kugu Street, Riga) with views over river Daugava and the old town, Unesco world heritage-listed. This hotel is a middle class hotel with great breakfast, according to ratings from 200 guest (4,1/5). We pay 1435 SEK (about 160 Euro) à room for two nights, about half price according to
Last time I was in Riga I travelled with friends from my university in Tartu, Estonia. We went on a two day trip to Riga to watch the national team in Latvia playing against Sweden. To my american friend Evan’s suprice 90 minutes went by without any goals. He had never seen soccer before live and “fotball” for him was made of goal. I sang for Sweden, sitting about two (!) meters from the field. He painted Latvias flag on his cheaks and cheered for them. Today he and his wife lives in Latvia and his consul Evan K McCarthy at the US embassy.

/Miss T

Next year starts the launch of a new product under the swelling Ikea umbrella. Ikea hotel rooms – check!

Design giant Ikea started expanding from interior with food and loans. One of the company’s first big collaboration outside the store was Bo Klok-houses in Sweden so the step into the hotel business is not that far.
The new budget hotels called “budget design” was presented just before the ITB travel fair by Inter Ikea’s (owner of the brand Ikea) partner Marriott International. Starting with Milan in Italy next year the hotel chain called Moxy will be rolled out over Europe at strategic locations close to airports, train and subway stations, according to
Ikea Inter also plan to expand by building compact student studios because they see a big need. Neither hotel rooms or student studios is gonna be furnitured by Ikea, it is said.
To spend some more money Inter Ikea plan to build a hole new district in London with 1200 new apartments. Strand East sounds half Swedish so maybe at least one or two Billy is aloud to move in. Four other major cities in Europe may also get a new Ikea built district.

/Miss T