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The white side of life

Posted: 6 December, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The white side of life

We have left all the dull and dirty behind and drive into the beautiful snow pampered Swedish countryside. I think it is such a privilegie to live in a country with so shifting moods of nature. This time of year is hell when you drive but heaven for a skibum.

/Miss T

Ps: Har lämnat allt grått och trist bakom oss. Här är vitt och vackert. Ett privilegium att få bo i ett land med så skiftande årstider. Snö är vanskligt för bilister men underbart för en skidåkare.


A new beginning

Last days of august open up for skiing. Yes, not now but now I can book my next trip with ucpa. I have been in Serre Chevalier, Argentiére, Val d´isere. Will I go back or will I take Val Thorens as my next try out?










I’ve been home for little more than 24 hours and already abstinence after fresh air and the view of wide expenses of snowy peaks. Have a look at my pics from Val d’isere and dream away.

/Miss T


Miss T Loves…

…to push powder. If I was ten years younger I would leave work to change into a skibum. Last night I talked to the swedish (!) barmaid at Petite Danois (the tiny dane…), the girl had only three drink recipies on her CV, but I envied her to have three days free for skiing a week, that is life quality. Today our instructor took us skiing off pist all day. It was the best day, cold and sunny and dry snow. Perfect conditions. Had so much fun and learned a lot while playing like kids. At the end of the day the instructor smiked and said: You were really good today. Made my famous smile even brighter but the happy caracteristic giggeling I save for tomorrow. My tracks are at the left on the above picture. It was like painting on big flyffy clouds half way to heaven today.




Miss T Loves…

…the powder here in Val d’isere. It is quite foggy but the snow conditions is fab. First day with my group was a big bright smile. Afternoon spent off pist battling the soft light new fantastic powder. For some first time, for me the best time. Loved it. Had so much fun even laughed when I was heading for a fall so I got to eat some snow! Today practise make perfect but yesterdays skiing taught me to be more soft in my knees and “feel the snow” as the moniteur says.


Miss T Loves…

…the scenic view from Tott hotel above the heart of Åre, Sweden’s skiing capital.

I am high

Posted: 30 December, 2012 in Europa, Miss T loves..., Sweden
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Minus: On our way up to Åre. Ice and cold. But waking up to rain.


Plus: The rain change into snow and on the top of the world the sun is shining.


I am high when I move down in Åre. Just got to love a city where you can ski into the heart and some steps from North Sweden’s best fast food brand.

/Miss T