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Miss T Loves…

… to travel. Staying home half a year after our long Bali hang out has energized my travel heart again. Has found some heavenly destinations to put on my bucketlist, this time more luxury than leisure. Next stop 2015:

1) Cornwall, UK, Europe. The south coast is for surfing, drinking hard cider and hunting antiques.

2) Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa. Dream destination called “the next Mauritius” and famous for spices.

3) Tulum, Mexico, South America. Heared a great deal about this white washed beach spot.

4) Surfspot La Pedrera and José Ignacio – “the chicest spot in Latin Amerika” accourding to New York Times, Uruguay, South America.

5) Albanien, Europe. Un spoilt and still rather un travelled by most this poor country offers antique ruins, beautiful beaches and The blue lagoon.

6) Kapstaden, South Africa, Africa. Vineyards and beautiful scenery.

7) New York City, US. Got a ticket to the big apple from my boyfriend. Can se myself walking the high line in the morning and cheering the skyline from a roof top bar at midnight.

8) The amalfi coast, Italy, Europe. Maybe some days rest here before a wedding weekend in Tuscany.

9) Nice, France, Europe. Nice is always Nice. I love this beach strip. Next time I want to visit Grass’ perfumed fields top.

10) Visby, Gotland, Sweden, Europe. This rough and rugged sunshine island is something else. My boyfriend has not been there yet.

Extra: Berlin, Germany, Europe. You have to go there. At least I have. Europe’s historical heart.

Rimini Grand 13 maj 2010. Best trip ever for foodies!

Rimini Grand 13 maj 2010. Best trip ever for foodies!

Let`s get down to business. This gonna be a hell of a trip. No drugs. Just pure fun – and free. A lot of travelling around the world. I love doing nothing on a run away train with destination unknowned. Or, doing fab on my way to destination ultimat luxury!

I have thought about this blog a long time. Now I have checked in. Check this out! By a ticket and go to: London, Paris, The Alps, Mexico and across as many borders as possible. I will be your guide and I hope you will be mine – or at least we get some good company and great advice along the way.

This gonna be the best trip ever.

/Miss T