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In Arizona, that houses the great Grand canyon, privat companies has collected 150 000 dollar to reopen at least on viewpoint – but was neglected by the government, tells swedish DN-correspondent Sanna Toren Björling about one of the consequences of the US budget shut down.


Riga, Latvia

More than ten years has gone by since I visited Riga, the art noveau capital of Baltic Latvia. Now we have booked a trip there next weekend. I feel excited. I don’t now what my boyfriend feel.
At first the plan was to go to Berlin, at least my plan was. His plan was a trip to Moscow. But as time passed by without any attempt of booking the choices narrowed.
We travel a lot so we tend to be on a budget most of the time when it comes to shopping holiday destinations and this time the holiday is only one week away. Today we sat down looking at potential flights. We ended up buying a cruise ticket (!), boarding on a thursday afternoon, spending the evening and night on one of Tallinks ships to Riga. We fly back on sunday. Yes, we cheat to get it cheap 🙂
I think this is a brilliant idea. We have one cosy (or party) night on the boat. Chilling. Shopping. Maybe even dancing or at least see a tacky show I hope. Have a sleep in and than go straight to the hotel to check in and go to the pool.

We have booked two night at the Radisson Blu Daugava Hotel (24 Kugu Street, Riga) with views over river Daugava and the old town, Unesco world heritage-listed. This hotel is a middle class hotel with great breakfast, according to ratings from 200 guest (4,1/5). We pay 1435 SEK (about 160 Euro) à room for two nights, about half price according to
Last time I was in Riga I travelled with friends from my university in Tartu, Estonia. We went on a two day trip to Riga to watch the national team in Latvia playing against Sweden. To my american friend Evan’s suprice 90 minutes went by without any goals. He had never seen soccer before live and “fotball” for him was made of goal. I sang for Sweden, sitting about two (!) meters from the field. He painted Latvias flag on his cheaks and cheered for them. Today he and his wife lives in Latvia and his consul Evan K McCarthy at the US embassy.

/Miss T

Want to move into The White House? I bet Mitt Romney would love too. I guess Barack Obama don´t want to leave. I am sure they have never seen this white house – in Sweden!

It is only days left. The heat is on. The polls give Obama an unsafe victory at the moment, but Romney is close. The 7th of november we will have the answere.

I will stay up late here in Sweden to watch the presidential election on the telly. If you rather go for the real thing here is the place to be:

The judgement day: The last day as the US president – or the last day before reelection day – Obama will spend with Bruce Springsteen and Jay-Z, according to the Swedish blogg He will visit Ohio, Iowa och Wisconsin that day. Ohio is very important to win. No republican candidate has made it to The White House without this state, according to newssite

If you are are a swede (as I am) you will probably watch the exit polls and results as attentive as ever an american. Wanna join some other expats or do something different? Try to meet up at the Democrats abroad election watch party at The Liffey, Stora Nygatan 40, Stockholm: “Join us for a pint or soft drink and watch the first exit polls come in from the East Coast”, they tell about their pub meeting on the 6 november 10 pm-1 am.

The young conservatives in Sweden has a party for invited only. But can reveal the secret menu: american pie, american cup cakes and american beer.

If you rather try the sweet taste of victory on spot (…if only just a bite of a presidential muffin) do a smash and grab at the Romney basecamp or the Obama basecamp, it is Boston vs Chicago, baby.

For us who just will put the ass in the coach and grab some chips alone infront of the telly there are some highlights to remember: Florida and Virginia is on the scale and can make or break it for Obama, according to Nevada is important too – and late to close.

And if you still in doubt about whom to put your money on, this is a list from Obama over what he has managed to do during is presidency – so far. He still has time to shake some more hands and hold his heart out for Sandy´s badland.

Popular in cold Boston: This is an old town for the newbie Mitt Romney and it tells the history of the fight for independence. Do a historical walk on Harvard University, one of the true Ivy league elite schools. Or MIT, the prestige tech school for the really smart, not the Mitt Romneys’ only. If you are in Boston you should experience the essense of baseball by visiting a Red sox game, eat and watch is the american way. If you visit in july try to get tickets for Home run derby; the team throw the ball so easy it will be home runs all evening, an that is just the point. The question for now: Will it be a home run for Romney or just a run home?

Popular in windy Chicago: Try to speak swedish. You might get lucky here – at least in Andersonville. Chicago, once the third biggest swedish city. Eat some Swedish meetballs. Before or after the visit to the skyscrapers Sears Tower or Hancock (entrence 12 dollar to observation deck – or look out the big window on the toalette for free, I hear) is your choice. Sears Tower number one in america, 442 meter or 108 floors. This town was the first to build on top – and to choose an afro american president. If Barack Obama loose maybe get the blues. Chicago is knowned for good blues clubs, try House of Blues or Blue Chicago. Something to celebrate? Last time Barack held his historical speach in Grant park so maybe you should stand in line there. While waiting; Eat the fat Chicago pizza with loads of cheese.

“Change has come to America”, Obama said last time i Grant Park, Chicago. Will it come again? And so, will the puppy who moved in with The Obamas be exchanged for Mitten kitten?

/Miss Travel

…how many countries have you yet to collect? Many of us tend to go back to the same places. You may have your reasons; show your new boyfriend a happy summer memory-a friend wants to go there and no other place if gonna get her on your single vacation this year-truly the best music festival ever-you do not have time to research so it better to go with what you know-did not have the time to finish the to do-list last time-or, simply loving the place, but it will never get you into the club 100. Reading a travel magazine I discover that a lot of us seem to be either poor or nostalgic because the majority has only visited 11-20 countries and only a few can count to more than 30 countries in our passport.

I have been to the following countries:
1. Sweden (resident at the moment)
2. Norway (been there but not done the fab fjords)
3. Finland (Had a boyfriend there…and he had a sauna in the apartment!)


4. Denmark (Been only in the relaxed capital, great art museum Louisiana and on the highway to the alps… Nice sandy beaches, I have heared.


5. France (Love Paris! but the Cote d’azur, Nice and Saint Tropez and countryside is pure beauty. Did windsurfing camp for beginners in The Med. Wintersport with UCPA too)
6. Germany
(Visit historical landmarks and a country town but not fantastic Berlin – yet!)
7. Estonia (Lived there and capital Talinn is world heritage fabulous)
8. Latvia (Riga is beautiful. Have friends to visit there now)

9. Thailand (Bangkok is nice, islands beautiful but a bit dirty, met great backpackers, food is asume, good place for affordable yoga retreat)
10. Qatar (only the airport)
11. Italy (Rimini is a faded beauty – Grand hotel there serves the best dinner experience, Bergamo so nice and relaxing, Milano hot in every sense)
12. The Netherlands (Boyfriend studied there, beautiful canals and houses in Amsterdam but wierd with weed… Missed the big flower show!)
13. Belgium (EU render Bruxelles a cosmopolite feel that suits the power houses from older eras)
15. San Marino (Nothing really to see but nice to walk around)
16. England (Just love the Brittish, brick houses, pubs and scenic coast. Skip the kidney pie and go for afternoon tea, scones, jam and clotted cream with brewed hot tea)
17. USA (LA is supernice, good food and great weather, take highway 1 along the coast, stop to taste wine and do visit up north: I lived one month in the Indian reservation Warm springs – beautiful nature and friendly people)

20. Romania (What a wedding! Much more than Dracula’s castle to see. Next time: Taste wine at Jedvi Castle!)
21. Russia (St Petersburg and the tzar summer palace Peterhof is fantastic, the Hermitage too but do get a guide here because it is huge. Big social gaps and high criminality, even the police use to be corrupt!)
22. The Czeck republic (Prag – amazing what EU money could do to restore this gem.)
23. Poland (My family had friends there under the glasnost era. Great crystal champagne glases bought there when everything was so cheap we could invite our friends to dinner and pay for eight with just the same as 20 Euro today)
24. Greece (Great food and nice islands but what about their economic moral…)
25. Turkey (Food as good as above, but more ancient hot spots to reach easy from the tourist areas. Bodrum is the stylish European Turkey, white washed beaty. Do experience the luxury of a classic hamam!)
26. Tunisia (I just say harissa, that is hot! I visited the colloseum used in the film Gladiator.
27. Egypt (Hurghada has a marine national park that tops everything. Do go snorkling here. Buy some perfume too)
28. I think I have forgotten one or two… Like Cyprus! (First time on charter with mom. Last time when studying greek drama; Three faces of a voman – Medea, Antigone and Lysistrate)
29. And Irland (During the IT boom it sure was fun to be young in Dublin and what it looked like on my visit good to be at the Google p(l)ay list to. Must do: Guiness brewery museum for learning and eating the flavoury beer stew in the restaurant)
30. Monaco! (Best salmon tatar ever with french fries on the side, at the summer casino)

Miss Travel

… have to be when I lived a month in an indian reservation. I did my final project at university level there, interviewing and writing about people I met. If you want to do something different, stay longer in a regular village in a foreign country with your easy wide open. I will never forget the people nor the place and its history. I will always carry with me the days in Warm Springs, Oregon. In april the sun tempted the flowers to bloom like yellow beauties on red soil while the snow was still deep up on the Cascade mountains. Generousity and curiosity was the welcoming from the confederated tribes living at the hot springs in Oregon.